It's A Problem

31. Mai 2024

AVEC is back with the first single from her new album. The artist, whose works have been streamed over a hundred million times, reveals herself once again in a very personal way in her latest song ‘It's A Problem’. The track addresses the toxic attraction between two people. ‘Sometimes it's almost addictive, like an obsession, like a force that pulls you under so you can barely breathe. The song highlights how cruel and lonely love can be and how people can hold on to each other in an unhealthy way.’ In ‘It's A Problem’, AVEC wraps up great pain and talks about the special attraction that remains despite distance and fading love. ‘It's A Problem’ is a love song between delusion, realisation, acceptance, denial, sadness and agony, interspersed with the nostalgia of what could have been and never was. It is a love song with the aim of learning to let go. It's a love song that holds up a mirror and says with all honesty: ‘It's A Problem - and you know it.’ It's a brutally honest way of telling myself that this has to stop. That I really need to let it go this time. For good. And that's what I did.