Hikee Bikini

Tuscany Dream

18. Juni 2021

Nipple, nipple, nipple.

With Tuscany Dream, the Viennese catwalk quintet Hikee Bikini delivers high class pop music that is served for special purposes in the wee hours.

The first vanguard of Hikee Bikini's upcoming EP Bobby Pins & Blood finds us feeling motionless on the beaches of Florence. Already notice anything? As the story unfolds, it takes us into unexpected areas…

Behind the smell of glittery plastic, but in front of the taste of exquisitely rich wallpapers, hknbkns Tuscany Dream swivels its way into your eardrums and every modulation offers champagne from selected exclusive containers. The song is based on a true crime story, and is delicately composed. You don't need a wobbling deep bass, concrete mids and silky highs here. There finally is a synthesizer solo. Flute!

She, He, and It are already loving it.
An idea from the catwalk
(Caution - Slippery when wet!)

Hikee Bikini’s genre-binding Coldcut from Spears and Zappa sits, tilts and bubbles so hard that you end up wondering why the cork pops, the bears quilt and where the hell all the damn blood comes from? Yes, there is a story to it. Google "The Monster of Florence" ...