Eternal Night

2. Februar 2022

HOLM couldn't have chosen a better release date than 2/2/22 for their new EP (s/t) and focus single "Eternal Night".

The song leads us through an endless dark night, which intoxicates us with its mesmerising acoustic sounds and leads us astray, in order to finally see us stumble home towards the lights of dusk.


Guitar, vocals - Sascha Höfer

Bass, backing vocals -  Bertram Kolar

Backing vocals - Jennifer Kolar

Drums - Gabriel Fröhlich

The 4th single marks also the release of their self titled mini EP.

You can stream the full EP here on soundcloud or here on bandcamp.

The Band about the record: 
Hey Holmies,

let's just say the time has come for us to go on further on the road and that's why we decided to release the first part of our upcoming record as a digital EP.

These four recordings are how it started and paved the way for more songs.

We started this project without any intention as a home recording project and are extremely proud on how this turned out, although we have never been in the same room during the writing or recording process.

Thanks a lot to our wonderful guest musicians Jennifer Kolar, Vincent Böhm, David Ruhmer and Gabriel Fröhlich for adding their layers to our music and special props to Oliver Kamaryt for putting it all together.
There is more to come and we can’t wait to share it with you.